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December 4th, 2010











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July 31st, 2010

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About Us

Anthony Colon a.k.a. Karate Anthony

Born in the Bronx, New York City on May 12, 1970. He Started training in The Martial Arts in 1978 after watching Green Hornet T.V series, Kung-fu and the Smash hit Enter the Dragon (Bruce Lee). He Grew up dancing the Hustle and Salsa at Family and Block Parties. He first witnessed breaking (scrambling) in 1980. He remembers watching Soul Train, American Bandstand and The Jackson 5 (Michael Jackson Moonwalking) .

Anthony states "My brother used to D.J and pop (electric boogie), he used to play all the hits of Fearless Four, Cold Crush, Spoonie G, Treacherous Three and many more. In the early 80's Hip Hop was everywhere, Kids started to break on street corners, in the hallways, the P.A.L and block parties. The Trains had burners(pieces) on them. New York was the bomb. I was always at a party on the weekends rocking my Lees, Pumas, turtle necks, name belt. I was a kid of New York and was inspired. Now I want to keep that spirit alive. Hip Hop is about the communities and youth to stay out of trouble. We must never forget that! Hip Hop belongs to the people, not some Hollywood executives or record companies. Kids of New York! Peace! "